09 2 / 2012

Submission from indieelm:

In this dream, I was looking at magazines at the library. It may have been the school library, but I couldn’t really tell since it didn’t look familiar. When I was looking at the magazines, I came across a magazine about Ryan Gosling.

Not a magazine that had an article about him or where he was on the cover that month. AN ENTIRE MAGAZINE PUBLICATION. Devoted to Ryan Gosling.

So I started flipping through it. The magazine was published by PBS or something (although I don’t think PBS makes magazines). So it wasn’t some silly Tiger Beat one, it was a legitimate publication. The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking “I have to get a subscription. Like, now.” I was also wondering how often they released new issues. I came to the conclusion that it was quarterly, since Ryan is in Thailand filming a movie right now and they wouldn’t have a lot of material for the magazine if it was a monthly thing. I’m fairly logical in my dreams.

After a while I noticed a group of people working. It was my school’s Ryan Gosling Appreciation Club. We don’t have a Ryan Gosling club at school in real life, but there was a club in the dream. I actually knew a few of the members, an a couple of them were guys. They were working on the club description for the yearbook, and since I like to write they asked me for help. We were trying to put the club description in Mad Lib form, but we were filling in all the words as we went, so it sort of defeated the purpose.

…Also, our school yearbook was a magazine too. Hmm.